Challenge B Mock Trial Results

Congratulations to our Challenge B students — Vasilia Boyaci, ILona Cunningham, and Abbie Lay — for their success at Mock Trial!

From Cecil Cunningham, Challenge B Director:

Our combined CCDT-BA team did really well in Mock Trial.  Our Team One (including Vasilia Boyaci and Abbie Lay) in the morning won the Prosecution but lost on the defense.  They came up short overall by .5 points Owasso 181.75 to CCDT-BA 181.25 points. Team Two (including ILona Cunningham) won Prosecution but lost on the defense also.  Their point total was 170 CCDT-BA to 159 Owasso.

So for the day, the CCDT-BA Team won with a total points of 351.25 vs. Owasso with 340.75.

I am so proud of all of them.  They gave it their all and have been working hard for 2 months. Please congratulate Abbie, Vasilia, and ILona for doing a great job at Mock Trial.