Foundations Resource Changes in 2018

As many of you already know, Classical Conversations Inc. is in the final stages of a major upgrade to Foundations program materials. The enhanced Foundations curriculum will provide greater ease of use, incorporate the most current educational updates, improve accuracy and consistency of information, integrate more effectively with our Challenge program, and feature a fresh and functional layout. Unlike previous updates to the Foundations guide, the 5th Edition changes will render all other editions of the Guide obsolete. Fifth Edition changes will also impact some ancillary products, such as the audio CDs, flashcards, etc. (There are currently no plans to update the Essentials Guide until 2019-2020 or later.)

Beginning in 2018, the following products will be changed to correspond with the 5th Edition upgrade:

  • The Foundations Guide
  • Foundations Memory Work Flashcards
  • Foundations Audio CD sets
  • Classical Acts & Facts® Science Cards
  • PreScripts® series (that are tied to Foundations memory work)
  • Trivium Tables®: Geography
  • Trivium at the Table® placemat sets
  • Memory Work Resource CD
  • Memory Work Tutorials for Apple and Android devices*
  • Tables, Squares and Cubes

*If you already own the Cycle Memory Work Tutorials, you will receive the update for free.

Recommendations for New Families

If you are joining CC for the first time for Cycle 3, we offer these suggestions to maximize the value of your purchased resources:

  1. Consult the list above before buying resources for 2017-2018. If an item is scheduled to be updated, you may wish to wait until the new version is available.
  2. Buy a 4th Edition Foundations Guide from the CC Bookstore and you will receive a $25 discount off your purchase of the 5th Edition. (Other specials may be available, so ask the Book Rep for the best deal.)
  3. Buy used from other families. To find available materials locally, check out our Used Curriculum Forum.
  4. Shop at the Parent Practicum Bookstore. The staff should be versed in which resources will be upgraded.

Still have questions? Please contact Abigail Prescott.